Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback

What is Alpha-Theta-Training

Alpha-theta is a specialized form of neurofeedback that targets specific brainwave frequencies to help individuals achieve deep relaxation, access subconscious processes, and promote psychological healing.

Alpha-Theta-Training is an additional treatment to Infralow (ILF) Training, which is also known as awake training. The initial use of IFL neurofeedback training helps create a more balanced mind by reducing dysregulation and stabilize a client’s symptoms. This paves the way for addressing topics related to mental processes, such as altering distorted beliefs, breaking free from old habits, or processing traumatic experiences. The subsequent phase, of Alpha Theta, involves delving deeper into the unconscious in order to resolve issues.

What does Alpha and Theta Brainwaves Do?

During an alpha-theta (A/T) session, neurofeedback enhances both alpha and theta brainwaves.  The training promotes twilight states that may evoke hypnagogic imagery. Initially, patients tend to experience a mild relaxation within the alpha range. After five to ten minutes, clients often progress into trance-like states.

Typically, clients transition between alpha and theta states or may spend more extended periods in the theta state. When there is a large amount of theta, the focus is on the internal world. On the other hand, Alpha can be seen as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. The alpha stage is where access to the unconscious mind becomes possible and traumatic events can be safely re-experienced.

benefit from incorporating Alpha-Theta-Training

The application of Alpha-Theta-Training varies among patients. Some individuals may benefit from incorporating Alpha-Theta-Training every other session, while others may require it every three, four, or five sessions initially to maintain the symptom reduction achieved during awake training and prevent regression. 

It is essential to highlight that although alpha-theta neurofeedback is promising in different therapeutic applications; however, its effectiveness can differ among individuals, and immediate results are not guaranteed. The success of the treatment is contingent upon individual characteristics, the specific symptoms being addressed, and the quality of the neurofeedback sessions.

Summary of ALPHA-THETA therapy benefits: