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Synchrony Neurofeedback

Creates a clear, calm mental state

Our Synchrony training creates a clear, calm mental state similar to that achieved during meditation. Synchrony training is the third tool available to us in the Othmer Method / ILF.  The basis for all training is ILF training, where we aim to promote and improve brain self-regulation and balance.  This type of neurofeedback complements existing approaches to improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate.

The Different Types of Synchrony

With Alpha-Theta Training we look to access unresolved emotional experiences – trauma – and provide a setting in which these can be digested, mainly subconsciously, without having to relive these and risk re-traumatization; as such the process is generally very pleasant and sessions feel like a refreshing power nap. 

Synchrony training, on the other hand, looks to promote a mental state of calm focus, which is similar to mindfulness exercises and can even be a great complement to meditation. There are three frequency options at which we train Synchrony – gamma, or 40Hz; alpha, or 10Hz; and Infra-Low or 0.01Hz.  The latest addition is thought to target the Default Mode Networks, considered to be the neurological basis for self. Below explains more about what each of these frequencies treat.

  • .01 Infralow Synchrony: Accesses the Default Mode Network that focuses on mental state processes such as: Self-reflection, interoception, historical memory recovery, creative thinking or envisioning the future.
  • 10 Hz Alpha Synchrony:  Promotes physical calming and helps treat anxiety, agitation, type A, OCD, tics, muscle tension etc.
  • 40 HZ Gamma Synchrony: Supports active cognitive processes such as problem-solving, selective attention, short/long term memory, and multisensory integration such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell).

Ask your Attuned Brain practitioner more about the different benefits of the three frequencies of Synchrony.

How Synchrony Training Works

This type of neurofeedback motivates the brain to increase interhemispheric, synchronous activity in a selected frequency range of the EEG. Usually, synchrony training is only used after a sufficient number of sessions of awake-state training (a.k.a Infralow). It may be applied before, after, or instead of the Alpha-Theta training. Compared to the Alpha-Theta training Synchrony training is done with eyes open. It is complemented with meditative visual and auditory feedback with changing fractals (i.e., repeating patterns) or different nature scenes.