Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about neurofeedback training.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is Brain Training. The experts at Attuned Brain use special equipment to read your brainwave activity. From here, your brain can “see” how it is functioning, understand where things can be improved, adapt for the better, and make positive changes.

Is neurofeedback safe?

Yes. Neurofeedback has been well studied, and our neurofeedback sessions are FDA-approved. Our equipment works by reading your brain’s activity and providing it with performance feedback in real time. There is no sensory input, and there are no electrical currents/magnetic charges. In other words, nothing is being put into your brain, ensuring the process is very safe.

Will neurofeedback sessions change my personality?

No. Our neurofeedback sessions do not input anything foreign into your brain, nor do they remove your personality, hobbies, or interests. Instead, the sessions focus on improving your brain’s connections and ability to achieve balance, regulation, and efficient communication.

How many neurofeedback sessions will I need?

Every person is different, but, on average, clients find success after 25-35 sessions. Each session is thirty minutes in length. We recommend scheduling two to three sessions per week for the highest degree of success.

What does a typical neurofeedback session look like?

Because we customize our treatment plans, no two sessions will look exactly alike. That said, you can expect a relaxed thirty-minute session with us. We will begin by placing tiny sensor on your scalp. These sensors are what allow your brainwaves to be monitored and provide feedback in real time. Next, you will relax in a comfortable chair as you receive video, audio, and tactile stimuli. As goals are met, you will receive positive reinforcement in the form of sensory feedback. This is what trains your brain to correct irregular or unwanted behavior and to tune your brain to a higher, healthier way of functioning.

How quickly will I notice progress?

This will depend both on the overall flexibility of your brain and your ability to self-reflect and self-report. Some clients notice results within several sessions, while others need eight or ten sessions to notice their progress.

Is neurofeedback better than medication?

Medications can be very useful in helping people with acute symptoms of mental health and behavioral issues. But unfortunately, medications come with side effects and will only help for as long as you continue to take them. Neurofeedback seeks to free individuals from the need to habitually take chemical medications and, instead, teach the brain useful management and regulation techniques that last for a lifetime.

Can/Should I continue taking medications in conjunction with neurofeedback training?

That’s a personal choice, but rest assured that it is perfectly safe to continue taking any prescribed medication as recommended by your physician throughout neurofeedback treatment. This includes stimulant ADHD medications like Ritalin.

Does neurofeedback training provide lasting results?

Yes. Most follow-up research has found that significant, lasting improvements occur around 70-80% of the time. The best way to achieve lasting results and positive outcomes is by continuing to work on your lifestyle choices outside of sessions, drawing close to a support network, and working to live a purposeful and spiritual life.

What age groups are neurofeedback sessions appropriate for?

Attuned Brain serves adults with mental health issues and adults with a desire to improve their overall brain performance levels. We also serve children and adolescents with developmental disorders.

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